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Last Mile Funding

Last Mile Funding are the loans required as the additional cost or remaining expenditure to complete the project and unlock the cash flows from the project.

Last Mile Funding refers to the financial support provided for the completion of projects that are near completion but have stalled due to a lack of funds. This concept is commonly applied in sectors like real estate and infrastructure, where projects sometimes face delays or halt towards their final stages due to financial crunches, regulatory issues, or other unforeseen circumstances.

In the context of real estate, for example, the Indian government has set up special funds to facilitate the completion of housing projects that are significantly complete but lack the financial resources for completion. One notable initiative is the Special Window for Completion of Construction of Affordable and Mid-Income Housing Projects (SWAMIH), which aims to provide Last Mile Funding to enable the completion of stalled housing projects, thereby delivering homes to buyers and reviving the real estate sector.

Last Mile Funding initiatives are crucial for several reasons:

  • Project Completion: They help in the completion of projects that are essential for economic development and for meeting critical needs like housing.
  • Economic Impact: Completing stalled projects can have a positive impact on the economy by generating employment, reviving demand in related sectors, and boosting investor confidence.
  • Consumer Relief: For sectors like real estate, it provides relief to homebuyers who have invested their savings but are waiting for the possession of their homes.

Such funding typically comes with specific eligibility criteria, focusing on projects that can be completed within a reasonable timeframe and that meet certain financial and regulatory conditions. The aim is to ensure that the funds are used efficiently to maximize the benefits for the economy and the affected stakeholders.