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Equipment Finance

Arranging corporates and small & medium businesses to purchase equipment and machinery needed for the business.

Equipment Financing refers to a specific type of business loan or financial product designed to help businesses purchase the machinery, vehicles, or other equipment they need to operate and grow. This type of financing is especially crucial for manufacturing, construction, and transportation sectors, among others, where equipment can represent a significant capital expenditure. Here’s how it generally works:

  • Nature of Financing: Equipment financing provides funds specifically for the purchase of new or used business equipment. It can cover a wide range of items, from industrial machinery and construction equipment to office computers and vehicles.
  • Structure of the Loan: Typically, the equipment itself serves as collateral for the loan, which can help to secure lower interest rates compared to unsecured business loans. The terms, interest rates, and down payment requirements can vary based on the creditworthiness of the business, the type of equipment, and the lender’s policies.
  • Types of Equipment Financing: There are primarily two types: loans and leases. Equipment loans allow businesses to own the equipment once they’ve paid off the loan. Leases might offer lower monthly payments, and at the end of the lease term, businesses can choose to purchase the equipment, renew the lease, or return the equipment.
  • Benefits: This financing option enables businesses to acquire essential equipment without needing to pay the full cost upfront, thereby preserving their working capital and cash flow. It can also offer tax benefits, as loan interest and lease payments are often tax-deductible business expenses.
  • Eligibility and Application: Eligibility criteria can include the business’s financial health, credit score, and operational history. Applying for equipment financing typically requires submitting business financial statements, tax returns, and a detailed quotation or invoice for the equipment to be purchased.
  • Providers: Equipment financing in India is offered by various financial institutions, including commercial banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and specialized equipment financing firms.


Given the diverse economic landscape and the importance of various industries in India, equipment financing plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to scale operations, enhance efficiency, and remain competitive